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Many people consider a voluptuous backside to be a very attractive feature. It can help the entire body look younger, sexier and more proportional. If you were born with flat or shapeless buttocks, but you wish for more beautiful curves, buttocks augmentation is a great option. Dr. Tzamantaki uses a special technique to create perfectly plump, round buttocks that look and feel natural.

Dr. Tzamantaki offers a buttock augmentation procedure called the Brazilian Butt Lift or the S-Curved Buttock Lift, which is a custom approach and she pays particular attention to the “curves” of the entire body and how they relate to your buttocks.

This rewarding procedure involves the fat transfer technique, in which excess fat from the patient’s own body is removed from problematic areas and after being purified, it is transplanted to the buttocks, to add shape and volume. Not only does the backside look bigger but the rest of the body looks slimmer by comparison. The buttocks skin becomes tighter and the butt has a perkier shape. The entire physique makes you and your body silhouette more youthful-looking, as one views you in the entire 360 degrees.


Wondering if buttock enhancement is right for you? You may be a suitable candidate for a buttock augmentation surgery, if you:

  • Have shapeless, flat, deflated or saggy buttocks
  • Desire a round, full gluteal muscle region, to balance out your entire body shape
  • Have unwanted fat on other areas of your body, like thighs, abdomen, back or arms.

Even if you have a thinner body shape, chances are that Dr. Tzamantaki, will find fat deposits to use. Her knowledge and experience, give her the ability to find enough fat, in most circumstances, to make a difference. A little bit of fat placed in the right areas can go a long away, even in thinner patients. Please do not resort to prohibited injection materials that are inappropriate for the human body, without consulting a board certified plastic surgeon first.

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The S- Curve Buttock Lift using fat transfer techniques is highly preferable from traditional buttock silicone implants for several reasons. First of all, fat injection achieves a more natural feel and look. After a buttock lift, the buttocks are as firm to the touch as the legs and abdomen. Using fat transfer techniques also lowers the risk of infection and other adverse reactions that a placement of a silicone implant has. Transferring fat has the added benefit of sculpting the rest of the body for an even more beautiful silhouette.


Dr. Tzamantaki is focused on educating her patients on the procedure and discussing goals and expected outcome. After she conducts a thorough examination, she discusses her proposed surgical plan and answers any questions the patients may have so the decision to proceed is based upon mutual agreement and her confidence that can attain the expected results.

While independent research is helpful for educational purposes, it will never fully relate a Brazilian butt Lift to your body. During a consultation with Dr. Tzamantaki in her office, your plastic surgery knowledge, goes beyond general information and becomes a personalized experience. With her exceptional good taste, amongst other skills she is known for, her uncompromising assessment is the best option for you.

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