Treats skin sagging without incisions!!! Reshape what’ s impossible!

The discovery of plasma technology fifteen years ago was a worldwide revolution. Its use at the time was particularly dangerous as surgeons were not able to control the burn it caused. After years of research and clinical results, Bovie Company and J Plasma technology managed to create the “Miracle”, a tool that creates tightening of the skin and subcutaneous tissue without scars. This Renuvion Revolution by Apyx Medical, (the company that had byed Bovie company) is the only technology worldwide that has FDA approval for tightening sagging skin.

The ”Clinic of Excellence Plasis” as always, a pioneer in authentic real technology, with Dr. Tzamantaki are one of the first clinics with the Renuvion Technology.

As described by Dr. Tzamantaki Renuvion is a miracle tool for Plastic Surgery as it tightens and lifts loose tissue without the need of major surgery.

As far as Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is concerned, everyone seeks facial lifting without incisions. Or to maintain the youthful firmness of their skin throughout their body, as relaxation over the years does not respond to exercise, good quality of life, food, peace of mind, etc. Skin aging and tissue sagging are inevitable. Until the development of Renuvion, only major operations could yield a nice aesthetic result by turning time around.

The original Renuvion by Apyx Medical technology is the revolution of the future. 

  • No incisions and scars
  • No postoperative recovery time and pain
  • It does not require general anesthesia or hospital stay
  • It is perfectly combined with liposuction-liposculpture in the same “Vaser Lipo” surgery
  • It instantly produces epidermal tightening and shrinkage of sagging skin.
  • The original Renuvion is the only one approved by the US FDA for tightening on sagging skin.

Which areas can we apply the J Plasma – Renuvion treatment?

  • Lower part of the face, Renuvion lifts and tightens the oval frame of the face, with spectacular results, without incisions. In the neck in combination with Vaser Lipo, to treat double chin.  It also improves relaxation in the lower jaw and neck with an amazing result.
  • In the abdomen, of females, it gives the so-called Champagne Groove and the desired tightening so that the abdominal muscles look defined. In the male body, it creates a Six Pack in combination with 3D Vaser Liposculpture. Many times, it can cancel the need of an abdominoplasty surgery.
  • Knees on the inner surface of the thighs.
  • On the buttocks and posterior surface of the thighs with or without liposculpture.
  • Inner arms and at times can, cancel the need of a brachioplasty.
  • On the torso posterior of the chest, waist, and hips. An extremely difficult anatomical position where the incisions cannot be hidden, and we necessarily avoid them.

How is the procedure performed with Renuvion?

It is a procedure much like liposuction. The tissue is prepared by injecting special tumescent technique fluids so that adipose tissue and skin can be worked. From a few small incisions, the surgeon creates channels so that the energy of Plasma can be channeled (produced by high-definition Single-use probe, where RF energy in combination with helium gas cause precise and controlled burn to the tissue, so that it shrinks and contracts). It is particularly spectacular at the time of surgery how obvious the tightening of soft tissues and skin is. The skin and subcutaneous fat shrink instantly, but plasma energy continues to act to produce collagen and elastin for the next few months. The result continues to improve up to nine months after surgery. Immediately following the procedure 10% of the result is visible while in 3 months 40%, and at 9 months 100%.


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