Total recovery after childbirth ''Mommy Makeover''.

Combined Plastic Surgery procedures that address any problems caused to the female body by pregnancy or a sudden weight loss. The total restoration focuses on the chest, abdomen, waist and buttocks – thighs.

Depending on the patient and their needs, the corresponding operations will be selected in one surgery or more when one surgery is not an option.

The choice of operations is important to ensure the restoration of the body is truly total and harmonious. For example, if a Breast augmentation is not combined with a Breast Lift, or Abdominoplasty, the ideal female S Curve will not be achieved.

Is pregnancy the cause?

Of course not. When a petite woman gains more than 15-20 kilos during pregnancy and then abruptly loses them, it is natural for the breast, abdomen, buttocks, torso and generally the whole body, to relax.  The abdomen will lose the muscle tone of the rectus abdominis muscles with their characteristic dimension. Many times, an umbilical hernia is created. In the breast, sagging and atrophy is often caused with the filling an emptying of the mammary glands.

Is it a myth that breasts will sag with breastfeeding?

The sudden loss of fat and volume is what causes sagging breasts. If breastfeeding occurs with gradual weaning and consequently gradual reduction of breast volume, it is clearly kept in better condition. It is more problematic when there is a sharp increase of weight in a petite and thin body. This is how stretch marks are created, and the separation of the rectus abdominal muscles and the dissociation from the large increase in intra-abdominal volume.

Which combination of procedures is right for you?

Atrophy and sagging of the breasts, loss of muscle tone in the abdomen, excess fat in the abdomen, trunk, stretch marks on the chest and abdomen, usually involve a combination of multiple cosmetic procedures.

  • Abdominoplasty or Mini abdominoplasty with Vaser Lipo and Renuvion
  • Breast lift (with or without breast augmentation)
  • Mastopexy
  • Liposculpture with 4D hi def vaser lipo
  • Brachioplasty
  • Buttock-thigh lift
  • Elimination of stretch marks and scars with Laser

The above procedures can be performed separately or in combination, depending on the physical condition and capabilities of each patient.

Minimization of postoperative scars

A common concern is the incisions left by surgeries.  Plastic Surgery has the techniques to eliminate them, lasers, Nano fat transfer with Stem Cells and exosomes and many other techniques are always in our favor for the absolute coverage of the signs of surgeries. Dr. Elena Tzamantaki always works aiming to offer you nothing less than perfect.

Reduction of recovery time

When two or more operations are combined, the final recovery time is reduced to a minimum. Most women who choose “Mommy Makeover” have children, demanding jobs, and a busy daily schedule. Therefore, minimal surgeries with minimal downtime is key.  Dr. Tzamantaki’s experience allows her to help a versatile woman arrange her schedule during her recovery and enjoy her renewed body.

Combining cosmetic procedures

Dr. Tzamantaki’s cares first and foremost about the safety and comfort of her patients. Her suggestion regarding the combination of procedures will depend on your physical condition, as well as your individual needs. Each patient is unique and needs a program tailored to her needs and measures. Our doctor is always available to answer any questions you have.

After a “Mommy Makeover” with Dr. Tzamantaki, your body will return to an even better state before pregnancy. Any unevenness in breasts, thighs and abdomen will be corrected for the sole purpose of looking in the mirror and loving your body.

“Mommy Makeover” is an excellent choice for women who have completed their pregnancies and are not satisfied with the appearanceof sagging – drooping breasts, relaxed abdominal muscles or fat gain in their thighs and abdomen. For many women, the right combination of the surgeries mentioned above is enough to enhance their self-confidence.

The decision should be made after a clinical evaluation with Dr. Tzamantaki, where she will provide you with all the necessary information about the operation and the postoperative instructions, as well as with the Vectra 3D Consultation you will be able to preview your expected result.


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