Internationally, the use of Vaser Lipo technology has changed the way in sculpting our body fat. It delivers a wonderful permanent result that lasts forever.

The Art of Body Contouring.

We’ve all seen the beautiful results of a well performed liposuction surgery, but with those we have also seen the unsightly results others have experienced. Liposuction – liposculpture is a sophisticated operation of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery that dramatically and permanently shapes the curves of the body. In any art, it is a requirement that the “Master” is skillful and good, but “good tools” are also required in order to create excellent results!!! Cosmetic Plastic Surgery is the artistic creation of Surgery in the human body and depends completely on the “tools” used by the Plastic Surgeon! Dr. Tzamantaki, always restless and a pioneer, is one of the few first in Greece to have 15 years of experience with Vaser Lipo.

The 4D High Definition Lipoplasty is the advanced liposuction – liposculpture technique using the Ultrasound technology of Vaser Lipo to sculpt the adipose tissue in 4D dimensions with minimal trauma, postoperative pain, swelling, bruising or discomfort.  The technology of the Vaser Lipo allows the superficial adipose tissue to be “molded”, leaving a uniformly sculpted, curved body. Without this technology, this exquisite result cannot be produced, no matter the experience of the plastic surgeon. Hollywood stars, and all well informed clients, exclusively choose Vaser Lipo due the technology and the results provided by the machine. It leaves the patient with a well-toned body. As if they have been exercising for years!!!

A masculine silhouette with toned abs, muscular toned chest and back is always sought after and one can only attain it after many hours in the gym.  Similarly, a woman is always looking for the female S Curve Silhouette, where breast, waist and buttocks are sculpted to the beautiful feminine figure, along with the sought-after champagne groove with toned abs. In womens’ body also this is nearly impossible to attain even with hours spent daily in a gym. When this is done by 4D High Definition Vaser Lipo the result is permanent without much trouble.

Dr. Elena Tzamantaki, in recent years, has perfected the 4D High Definition Lipoplasty, she will sculpt, shape and create a truly flawless body. This is not traditional liposuction!  With High-Def liposuction Vaser Lipo, combine with Renuvion technology, adipose tissue is sculpted in absolute detail and the technology is designed to not only remove fat, but at the same time tighten the sagging skin.  This allows liposuction to be performed in older ages as well, it was historically inconceivable to perform liposuction in ages over 40, as it was impossible to tighten the loose and inelastic tissue. Now the Vaser technology combine with Renuvion provides the ability to simultaneously internal tighten, allowing us to perform liposuction as all ages.  

Another great avantage of Vaser Lipo, is the reduced recovery time, as bruises are minimal and there is has no postoperative pain! The recovery time is only two days, and the patient returns to their daily activities. In addition, it can superficially shape and repair connective adipose tissue and eliminate cellulite, creating a unique result.

The sculpting and remodeling of the body requires special aesthetics and clearly great surgical experience. The result of a successful 4D Hi Definition liposculpture requires the choice of an experienced plastic surgeon, who combines surgical ability, aesthetics and is equipped with technological equipment of Vaser Lipo.

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As in all Aesthetic Plastic Surgery procedures, Dr. Tzamantaki will fully inform you about the procedure and what will look best in your body. She will provide all pre and post operative explanations to ensure a successful experience overall.

The ”Clinic of Excellence Plasis” has alway invested in the very best surgical tools like the Vaser Lipo and Renuvion. Performs surgical tightening, this technology further helps in older age groups achieve the flawless results we dream of.

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