Labiaplasty is the surgery that restores excess or loosened tissue in the vulvar area.

Labiaplasty surgically treats the restoration of the inner or outer labia of the vulva, when they are hypertrophied, oversized or asymmetrical. The result will treat any discomfort both anatomical and appearance. The sensitive nature of the area requires special discretion in your perioperative care. At Clinic Of Excellence Plasis” you will have the best possible guidance and care.

But when is labiaplasty indicated?

  • When excess skin in the area is especially evident from clothing, most prominent in swimsuits.
  • Constant discomfort and irritation even in simple activities such as a bike ride.
  • Frequent vaginitis and recurring urinary tract infections.
  • Sensation of pain and intense irritation during sexual intercourse, to such an extent that it negatively affects the erotic mood.
  • Inserting tampons become impossible.

A labiaplasty requires basic standards of good health, a patient decides to undergo this surgery on the basis of their dissatisfaction with the appearance of the area or the discomfort caused by excess tissue in this area. Labiaplasty is a short cosmetic operation, with minimal recovery time, and minimal scars that disappears in few weeks. The decision should be made after a visit to our Clinic, where you will be given all the necessary information about the operation and the postoperative instructions you must follow.

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