Solves the problem of sagging on the inner surface of the thighs. It is very common in large weight fluctuations and in women approaching menopause.

It is an open secret that sagging thighs and buttocks is equivalent to age and weight fluctuations. It is also known that it remains the most difficult problem to correct without surgery, as it does not respond to exercise or non-invasive procedures, mesotherapies, tightening machines, lasers, etc.


Many people find it difficult to keep their lower body well-shaped. The reasons may be due to hereditary predisposition, age etc.

Most of the time, stubborn fat in the thighs and excess skin in the thighs – buttocks, does not respond to any other form of treatment, such as diet and/or exercise, especially after great weight loss, where excess skin is extremely excessive. When excess skin, cellulite and fat accumulate in the thighs – buttocks area, they make you look older, heavier and less defined than you actually are.

A Thigh lift is a serious surgery and those interested should know details about the upcoming recovery period.  After the clinical examination with Dr. Tzamantaki, she will provide the detailed surgical plan along with the pre and post operative care instructions to ensure a successful result. Our doctor ensures that the incisions of the thigh lift, will be hidden inside the inguinal folds. Other times, a buttock lift is required in combination, where the incision is a “V” shape on the back of the buttocks. Our doctor also combines the Renuvion technology to help reduce incisions but also treat knee relaxation without incisions.

When a thigh-buttock lift is combined with abdominoplasty, this is referred to a Total Body Lift. Only after a clinical examination will the patient understand what is required to obtain the image they desire. The cost of Thigh Lift surgery will be determined based on the type of surgery, or combinations required.


    • Excess skin on the thighs
    • Persistent fat in the thighs – inner / outer surface, with excess skin up to the knees
    • Extremely large circumference that creates a problem in the application of clothes
    • Excess skin over the entire surface of the thighs after major weight loss

The ”Clinic Of Excellence Plasis operates under the philosophy of absolute honesty towards the patient and ensures complete clarification of the whole process from beginning to end. The patient must understand exactly what the doctor will perform on their body. Our goal is to help you recover as quickly as possible without any postoperative complications.

”Leave them guessing”

Clinic Of Excellence Plasis

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