BBL provides spectacular results, changing the overall 3D image of the female body. The signature S Curve technique by Dr. Tzamantaki has an integral point the Brazilian Butt Lift.

Jennifer Lopez once said, “The bigger your buttocks, the more attention you’ll get.” The trend of large juicy glutes had just been established… It is now the #1 requested surgery by ages under 30 with or without breast augmentation.

The classic Mediterranean female, known as the Latinas of Greece, always had juicy glutes as part of their anatomy.  To reduce their curves, they would go through starvation diets to achieve the stick thin figure in style at the time.  Then came the age of the Kardashians, which brought back the curvy trend, killing the need to be stick thin.  The ultimate sexy female ideal image returned to the original classic Mediterranean women, with curves in the right places. Vaser Lipo liposuction helps us achieve this perfect image removing excess fat from the belly, waist, buns and thighs, cleansing it and transferring that fat to the desired area like the buttocks to deliver a sculpted body with irresistible feminine curves!

Dr. Tzamantaki has created and perfected the signature S Curve technique, it provides the aesthetic result that woman yearn for. As a female Plastic Surgeon, she shares the same intuition to create a harmonious three-dimensional feminine curve, with her technique she will sculpt around the thighs, knees, torso, lower back, waist and abdomen. All excess fat is transferred to the buttocks and the chest when the fat is enough to work the breasts.

BBL is a wonderful procedure which can deliver beautiful results but if it is not performed by an experienced and specialized Plastic Surgeon it can be deadly. As of late, BBL has been the No. 1 cause of deaths in the US from “Low Cost” surgeries mainly in Miami, Florida. The increase in demand has resulted in unskilled doctors (mainly non plastic surgeons) offering this surgery at a low cost increasing the horrendous results and casualties.

How is the Brazilian Butt Lift performed?

This procedure is performed with a combination of different surgical techniques strictly tailored to your needs.  Vaser Lipo a technique of removing fat from the body, such as the abdomen, waist, buns, thighs. The fat is then cleaned and prepared with tools, including the Tulip, Macro, Micro, Nanofat Tansfer and/or Lipocube, and placed back in the body with a special surgical technique and with rich living stem cells and fat cells so that the result remains through the years. It is important for the Lipo implant to remain superficially above the gluteus’ major muscle and cannot be injured during surgery. The gluteus muscle is rich in large vascular complexes. Its injury has been implicated in Pulmonary Fatty Embolisms. The postoperative course is relatively painless, requiring special attention mainly regarding the seat. Special Garments are required which reduce edema immediately after surgery. Exercising is prohibited for the next 3 weeks but walking (as an exercise) is allowed 3 days following the surgery. Detailed post ops care instruction will all be explained in your first visit along with the surgical approach that will be taken.

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