Transform your body with Vaser Lipo. The No 1 Top Liposuction technique worldwide that change the possibilities of Body Contouring. It instantly gives a wonderful result that lasts forever.

What makes High Definition Liposuction Unique?

Vaser liposuction – liposculpture dramatically transforms the body without the need of a scalpel, pain and postoperative confinement. Forget traditional liposuction surgeries where excess fat is simply removed in excess areas. Dr. Elena Tzamantaki exclusively uses Vaser Lipo with over 15 years of experience, states that not only is it the ultimate tool of her work, but it is also the technology that has dramatically changed the results in the body providing magnificent results. Vaser Lipo liposuction selectively and atraumatically detaches fat cells from connective tissue, but at the same time recognizes nerves and vessels, where it leaves them without injuring. On the other hand, this uniform detachment of fat cells  from the body and the extraordinary level of detail,  ensures maximum uniformity of the aesthetic result.  The U/S Technology of Vaser Lipo is the cause of this uniform bruise-free and pain-free postoperative period. If we choose to use the fat removed, which is extremely rich in vital stem cells, it is cleaned and repositioned in parts of the body to give men toned muscles, and women the desired S curve, sculpting the abdomen, buttock and breasts.

Another cherished procedure of the Doctor is the beautification or restoration of a 3D face with lipotransfer.  Dr. Tzamantaki has developed it to astound levels of sculpture and is an integral part of her signature Miracle Lift operation.

The vitality of Lipocytes and rich adipose tissue in living stem cells has to do with the atraumatic way that Vaser Lipo’s Ultrasound technology detaches fat cells from our body and allows us to perform liposculpture. The area where excess fat is sculpted evenly without the appearance of dimples, providing the desired results for a lifetime. The 3D Facesculpting Lifting technique of Dr. Tzamantaki places the fat in different areas giving spectacular results,

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Dr. Elena Tzamantaki with her expertise and knowledge is able to deliver the best results with less downtime. Understanding the extent of your procedure, including pre and post operative care is of primary importance to ensure successful results. Dr. Tzamantaki will perform a clinic examination and explain the surgery in detail and answer all questions to ensure the correct decision is made.

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