Abdominoplasty dramatically changes the shape of the body, giving a youthful shape to the torso and a shapely belly.

Key indicators for the need of an abdominoplasty include:

  • Excess skin and fat in the abdomen caused from weight fluctuations.
  • Tissues that are particularly loose and drooping around the navel and below it.
  • Dissociation of the anterior abdominal wall (mainly after pregnancy or bariatric surgery).
  • Sagging and accumulation of fat in the supra-sub-umbilical, as well as on the sides in the waist area.
  • Hanging belly.
  • Various hernias of the anterior abdominal wall (umbilical hernia, white line, ring finger).
  • Diastasis Recti – Separation on the abdominal muscles.

The above-mentioned indicators cannot be restored with diet and exercise or various non-surgical techniques including tightening machines, cryolipolysis, injectable lipolysis mesotherapy, etc. Surgery is the only real and permanent solution. Many times, abdominoplasty must be combined with liposuction – liposculpture so that the aesthetic result delivers a perfectly aligned and toned torso. Dr. Tzamantaki, a pioneer in No Drain – No Pain abdominoplasty technique. She emphasizes on both preoperative and post operative care to ensure a successful result.

The goal is that after a major Aesthetic Plastic Surgery operation such as abdominoplasty, is to enjoy the “gift” you have given yourself without any regrets.


There are several surgical variations in abdominoplasty, each solving different anatomical problems. For most patients, “classic abdominoplasty” is the operation that surgically removes excess skin and fat above and below the navel, while strengthening the abdominal muscles, to ensure a flat abdomen with well-formed muscles of the abdominal wall, “Six Pack” for men and “Champagne Groove” for women. It should be noted here that in some cases we combine abdominoplasty with regional Vaser Lipo liposuction, with general sculpting of the trunk, as this results in even better aesthetic results. Other times the use of “surgical tightening” with the Renuvion technique is necessary to deliver a firmer and shapelier result.

A “mini abdominoplasty” treats less sagging, only in the part below the navel.

A larger abdominoplasty is considered necessary when excess skin is located both in the anterior abdomen and in the supraumbilical part of the trunk as well as in its lateral and posterior areas. In these cases, a larger incision is necessary to remove all excess dermosubcutaneous tissue, and the technique is called “circular abdominoplasty“.  It is an operation that treats 360° relaxation in the trunk of the body.

For the Doctor, it is extremely important to direct her patients correctly to the indicated surgery. As achieving an excellent aesthetic result is her goal. This means that with minimal surgical trauma, she will achieve the best aesthetic result. Through the clinical examination, the surgical plan will be fully interwoven with the “wants” and goals of the patient, as well as with the ability to carry out all instructions in the postoperative stage.

During an abdominoplasty, the following will be performed:


Often a neglected part of abdominoplasty is the correct repositioning of the navel. During abdominoplasty, the navel is repositioned on the flap after the excess skin has been removed. The correct operation should be performed in such a way that the scar is inconspicuous and well hidden inside the navel. It is also considered extremely essential for the navel to look natural without the slightest imbalance that would betray an operation.


The stitching done by Dr. Tzamantaki is inconspicuous, elegant, and well-hidden. The “No Drain No Pain” technique for abdominoplasty has been a rule for her for many years.  She is always informed on the developments in Plastic Surgery, it offers pioneer services with results that “make the difference”.


Immediately after abdominoplasty, patients see their body well-shaped, with a flat and toned belly as it used to be.

Thanks to Dr. Tzamantaki’s attention to every detail and her dedication to perfection, the result of the operation will be natural. The doctor will do her best to keep the scar to a minimum, which will be completely covered in your swimsuit and underwear. Apart from this fine line, there will be no other evidence that you have undergone abdominoplasty.

After surgery, any excess tissue will be removed and the abdomen will be firm and flat, presenting a slimmer and toned figure.  The spectacular change in the torso restores confidence to allow the patient to wear the clothing of choice with self-confidence.

Don’t let physical imperfections hold you back from living life to the fullest. Contact Dr. Elena Tzamantaki one of the best Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon  Greece has to offer, and achieve physical perfection today. 

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