Mini Face & Lift Neck

Mini-Lifting, also known as Star Lift or Weekend Lift, is the mildest version of wrinkle surgery, which is performed under local anesthesia or intoxication.

As the title of the operation suggests, the Mini-Lifting face is a variation of the classic Face Lifting, smaller in size, with smaller incisions and with minimal recovery time.

An important condition for the success of the operation is to have the appropriate indication as well as the necessary pre-operative planning, in order to effectively deal with the sagging skin.

The main difference between the Mini-Lift and the Full Face Lift is the neck. In the Mini-Lift, due to the limited incisions, both the sagging in the lower part of the face and the upper part of the neck, are treated.

The technique is suitable for people with mild sagging in the Jawline and the cervical angle, aged 45-55 years. In some cases, it can be performed at older ages when and if pre-existing anatomy allows.

This operation can be combined with other cosmetic interventions of the face, such as eyelid surgery, fat transfer, liposuction in the double jaw, Mini Temporal lift, etc., depending on the needs.

The purpose of a facial surgery is to give a fresh natural look, without signs of a failed operation or a distorted image.

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